1. pastfuturepresentuk:

    This marks the 365th post on Past Future Present, we can provide the soundtrack to your entire year!

    To celebrate, I shall be uploading a mix comprised of tracks found on the page and posting in the coming months (after I get back from a few festivals kicking off with Pitch in Amsterdam!)

    Not only this, I will be starting a PFP soundcloud with 7 track playlists each week so keep your eyes and ears open!

    Big up Mister Lies with “Flood You”

    "you only have to look at the medusa straight on to see her. and she’s not deadly. she’s beautiful and laughing…"


  2. New Flyer designs for The Remedy. 

  3. Slow Club at Village Underground!

  4. Shot the celebration of Running Wild’s 1st birthday and Polkadot Recordings Wilfred Giroux’s EP release at Bussey Building the other week brilliant stuff!

  5. Was lucky enough to shoot at the Sofar Sounds festival last month, was a great day and such a nice event! Love the way these guys do things. 

    Pictures to come from shooting at Running Wild x Polkadot Recordings, Slow Club, Snakehips and Nick Mulvey! 

  6. Couple shots from shooting Volta’s night at Rhythm Factory the other week, Brilliant night, The Ninety’s and Phazz especially smashed it. Can’t wait for the next one! 

  7. Was lucky enough to take photo’s at Booka Shades amazing live performance at Village Underground the other week as part of the convergence series. Also saw Jacques Greene and Koreless’ contribution to the convergence series the night before, what an amazing series of events! 

  8. Appleblim and Kris Wadsworth at the Gottwaxx launch from mid April. Got SO much to upload, have been so busy over the past few weeks! 

  9. Some more images from the Gottwax Launch Night! 

  10. Shots from the Gottwax Label Launch night at Corsica Studios last Friday!